Happy Birthday Kevin (USA)

Director: John Psathas

Producer: John Psathas, Chris Oliva, Caitlin Morris

Rated: G

1 minute

At 15, Kevin risks it all for a shot at greatness.

Preceded by NZ Premiere of:

This Giant Paper Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy, New Zealand (NZ)

Saturday 29th Oct at 8:30pm


Language: English

Written by Christian Nicolson & Andrew Beszant

Director/Producer: Christian Nicolson

Rated: M Violence,sexual references and offensive language

Runtime: 112 Mins


This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy is an epic action comedy in the vein of Galaxy Quest meets Monty Python. It tells the story of three ordinary guys thrust into the world of a B-grade 1960s space flick. Trapped in a low-budget universe, they soon discover latex monsters and evil space villains are the least of their problems. Somehow, they have to fight their way home, before they get lost in space…forever.


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