Bitter Sweet (NZ)

Director/Producers: Ella Becroft, Ilai Amir

Language: English

15 minutes

Bitter Sweet follows Mixit, an Auckland-based refugee youth arts project, as they reimagine Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. As the performance takes shape, the young cast explore what love, loss, journey and home mean to them.

Preceded by Short Film:

Mind Landscape

(China, Tibet)

Sunday 30th Oct at 3:30pm


Language: Chinese / Non-Dialogue

Director: Niu Zi


Runtime: 46 Mins


Photographer Yankang Yang spent 10 years capturing Tibet, trying to show the world a decade of enlightenment. Follow him and see what he saw. Silent hills, breathing clouds, Earth's creation. With the heart as a mirror, see the images of the world.


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