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Only Humane (NZ)

World Premiere

Followed by Writer/Director Q&A with Adam Harvey

Producer Chris Hanlon

Rated M Violence & content that may disturb

Runtime 11 mins


Fed up at continually putting animals to sleep, a rural vet accidentally runs over a dog, starting a chain of events that challenges his skills and gives him a chance to prove that he's more than just an angel of death.


Bitch (Sweden)

Saturday 29th Oct 6pm

NZ Premiere

Language: English, Hindi, Russian and Swedish w/ English Subtitles

Director: Csaba Bene Perlenberg

Producers: Csaba Bene Perlenberg, Isabel Gudmundsson, Sadiq Kazmi, Marthina Elmqvist

Rated: M Violence, sexual references & content that may disturb

Runtime: 82 mins


A stray dog from the alleyways of New Delhi finds itself transported to Sweden, where she is thrust into a series of interactions with some pretty colorful people. And in the end, perhaps there's a reason life brought her there.


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DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER are Attending from Sweden for Q&A

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